Compare suitcase sizes of 20, 24, 26, 28 inches

Summer is a season of long trips to relieve stress, regain the spirit to start a new and energetic journey in the last months of the year. After choosing the right time and place for the whole family, it must be something that is missing for any trip that is a suitcase. A suitcase of the right size will help you be able to fully store your belongings and be convenient throughout the journey.

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On the market today there are many different suitcase sizes. However, many of us do not know what size of suitcase size 20, size 24, size 28 . is it enough to store all the luggage for the upcoming trip? If you are wondering about this issue, join the Network Administrator to find out the best suitcase for you.

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1. Size 20-inch suitcase

Size : Size 20 suitcase or 5-inch suitcase is a suitcase with a compact design, most airlines allow passengers to carry with them without affecting the safety of the flight . Sample size 20 suitcase is: Horizontal 36.5cm x Width 25.5cm x Height 53cm or can be delivered a few centimeters depending on the suitcase firm.

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Weight : With this size, the size 20 suitcase will allow you to hold 6-10 kg of luggage. Equivalent to 5-10 suits.

Appropriate time of use : For short-term travel and business trips of 1-5 days, the 20-inch suitcase will be the right choice for you on your journey.

2. Suitcase size 24

Size : 24-inch suitcase or medium-sized suitcase - M size suitcase - Medium suitcase, 6-inch suitcase. If you need to bring a lot of things for the trip, this suitcase of size will be a great choice for. For each company will have suitcase size will be slightly different. Usually, the size 24 suitcase will have a total 3-dimensional size not exceeding 136cm. Specifically length 66cm x width 42cm x height 28cm.

Weight : With this suitcase, users can hold 20-25kg of luggage equivalent to 12 suits. Of course, the heart of the 24-inch suitcase is quite spacious, though the suitcase is often made to hold up to 25% of the suitcase - high-class suitcases that are definitely high-class can help you pack more than 25kg if you want . It is this convenience that this suitcase is gradually gaining the hearts of consumers when choosing for the trip instead of the big bulky size suitcase.

Time of use : Almost this size 24 suitcase is suitable for many users whether they are long or short.

If you use this suitcase size 24, you can store it for a trip up to 5-10 days.

For a family of 2-3 people, you can store items for a 2-3 day trip.

With these suitcases, you will be carefully wrapped by the aviation staff and put into the consignment very convenient.

3. Suitcase size 26

Size : One of the relatively large portable suitcases with the corresponding size standards: length 66cm x width 44cm x height 27cm. Also depending on the line of plastic suitcases or fabrics will have different sizes.

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Weight : Belonging to medium range suitcase, 26 inch suitcase can hold up to 25 to under 35 kg of luggage. So, if your luggage exceeds this weight, you should consider choosing a larger suitcase to suit your trip.

Time of use : The type of suitcase size 26 'is a type of travel suitcase designed for family use for 4 people quite suitable for trips about 5-7 days.

In addition to family use, for personal use you can store enough personal items for trips lasting up to 15-20 days.

Currently, most airlines in Vietnam have regulations on the volume of hand luggage is less than 10 kg. Due to its large size and volume, the 26-inch suitcase can only be checked and not hand luggage.

4. Suitcase size 28

Size : For international students, students, business travelers who need to carry lots of luggage, the size 28 suitcase will be a great companion for your trip. The suitcase will be 32 x 48 x 76cm, but each manufacturer will have a difference but not significant.

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Heavy lift : The storage space of a very large suitcase with a volume of up to 120 liters or 35kg of luggage means that you can store more than 20 suits to use for the trip.

If you are skillful in packing luggage, you can absolutely cheat a little more.

Time of use : As mentioned above, for those who have a 7-10 day long trip, this is the right choice.

With this size and weight, these suitcases must be deposited on the plane.

Hopefully the above article will help you in the upcoming journey.

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