How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

Here are all 7 locations for luxury chests in the new Enkanomiya area. Besides, there is a way to collect treasures at Tsurumi and Inazuma islands.

The location of the luxury chest in Enkanomiya

After the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, in Enkanomiya, there are 7 luxury chests in all. Go to the following locations, search and collect luxury chests in the new area of ​​Inazuma.

Mirror Library

Picture 1 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma Treasures at Moon Library

The Mirror Library in Enkanomiya is located east of The Narrows. The player must complete the World Quest called Collection of Dragons and Snakes to access the library and get the chest. This treasure chest is very large so gamers can easily find and open it.

Evernight Temple

There is another luxury chest north of the Evernight Temple. It is located in the plain area, so people can recognize and find it easily. However, gamers must find 3 Seelie to unlock the seal around the chest to collect it. Open the delicate chest in this temple to free 3 Seelie.

Picture 2 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma Two treasures in the Evernight Temple

Another luxury chest at the Evernight Temple is located in the northeast, but it is hidden inside a locked room. Players must solve maze puzzles to open and enter rooms. The maze is quite easy to solve, so everyone can comfortably pass it.

The Serpent's Heart

After collecting the third chest, go to the Serpent's Heart to get the fourth one, located inside a secret underground room in the northeast of this region.

It was also the reward from the Date's Challenge world quest. Players must solve puzzles in the quest to unlock this luxurious chest. Move the wall using the engine and make the secret underground room symmetrical.

The fifth chest is located on top of the pillar in the northern part of this zone. This is the easiest chest to collect in the list of all the luxury chests in Enkanomiya.

Picture 3 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma Two treasure chests in Serpent's Heart

This large chest is easily discovered by the player, but it is necessary to switch Whitenight and Evernight to collect the chest. Use tall characters to climb to the top of the tower quickly.

Serpent's Heart has another luxury chest in the northwest. The player must complete a world quest involving Dragonbone Flower. This quest requires using Waters of Lethe to water the flowers and get the Dragonbone Orb.

Then get the seal order in the underground cave for the blue imprint wall. Solve the wall puzzle and get the chest behind it.

Picture 4 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

The final luxury chest at Enkanomiya can be found southwest of Serpent's Heart. It appeared behind the Evernight fence. Switch Whitenight and Evernight multiple times to solve the puzzle and remove the seal. Then people can collect chests.

Rewards in luxury chests

Luxury chests often give players a lot of attractive rewards. Here are the usual rewards gamers can get from luxury chests in Enkanogami.

  1. 10 – 40 Primogem Primogem.
  2. 30 – 60 Ranked Adventure EXP.
  3. 4 – 10 Press the pull.
  4. Hero experience points.
  5. Weapons, artifacts, other items, EXP.

Treasure chest at Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

The notable chest is a new type of treasure chest on Tsurumi Island, which works almost like a normal chest. The player can open it after fighting some of the sentinel monsters. However, instead of items or Mora, the player will receive a single furniture blueprint from the chest. This is also what the player can do in the Serenitea Pot.

Picture 5 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma The notable chest is one of the new additions after the launch of Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

The remarkable chest doesn't yield any other items, and the monsters guarding the chest aren't too hard to take down either.

Furthermore, the green color on these new chests helps them stand out a lot. If you want all the blueprints for Inazuma, you'll need to find and open all the notable chests on Tsurumi Island. However, the way it revives can confuse many people.

Location of notable chests on Tsurumi . Island

There are 46 notable chests on Tsurumi Island and they will continue to spawn in the area, even where the player friend opened it previously.

This process will not stop until all the chests on the new island have been collected. Most notable is the spot near the Statue of the Seven and the place of worship. Players can also find some respawning chests at Shirikoro Peak, Chirai Shrine, and Autake Plains. The specific location of treasure chests on Tsurumi Island will be shown in the map below.

Picture 6 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma Map showing the locations of notable chests on Tsurumi

Everyone should keep their squad strong because there will be many enemies. Exploring Tsurumi will be less challenging if the squad has an Electro character like Raiden Shogun, Lisa, Traveler to light up Stormstornes and avoid getting lost in the fog.

Tsurumi Island's treasure chest will respawn

As mentioned above, some notable chests will respawn in certain locations. They will respawn at the same time as the daily reset. People won't miss any chests if they don't get them during the main island quest.

It's best to recheck Tsurumi Island daily until you don't see any more respawn chests. Also, keep in mind that some notable chests don't regenerate, which makes treasure chest hunting a bit less complicated.

Treasure at Inazuma in Genshin Impact

In the country of Inazuma in Genshin Impact, there are about 21 high-class chests with a lot of attractive rewards. However, many of them are hidden and very difficult to find. The following article will show the location of 7 high-class treasure chests with many useful items in Inazuma.

Konda . Village

Picture 7 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

Konda Village has a high-class chest hidden at the bottom of an ancient well. This chest will be discovered by players doing the quest 'A Strange Story in Konda'. The exact location of the well is between the village of Konda and the Byakko plain on the island of Narukami.

The chest is stored in a room behind the Electro shield inside the secret cave under the well. The player must summon an Electrogranum to bypass the barrier and enter the room. In the corner of the room, the player will find a hidden chest.

Underground Araumi

Picture 8 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

In the broken tower at Araumi Ruin, the player can find another high-class chest hidden underground. However, everyone needs to reach level 17 in the magic Sakura tree. In the world quest Cleansing Defilement, the player will explore the underground terrains beneath the broken town. This chest and an Electroculus can be found hidden inside a shielded room under Ruin.

Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates

Picture 9 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

When unlocking the Empty Boat Of A Thousand Gates domain, the player also unlocks a hidden premium chest after solving the second puzzle. Chests will appear right in front of the domain when the character interacts with the domain unlock mechanism.

Mount Yougou

Picture 10 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

On Yougou Mountain, the player needs to solve the relay stone puzzle to get a premium chest. Everyone must use the Relay Stone to complete the Electro circuit, take the given stone and use it to replace the Electro Seelie in mid-air.

Then make the character electrocuted from the relay stone to act as another relay stone. Next, swipe to replace the Electro Seelie in mid-air to complete the puzzle and get the chest.

Barrier at Yougou mountain

Picture 11 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

There is a chest hidden behind the Grand Narukami Shrine in Mount Yougou. However, the player must reach level 17 in the magical Sakura tree to pass through the barrier. The traveler cannot see the chest after entering the room, but must observe the fox statue behind the shrine with a souvenir prism.

Violet Court Island

Picture 12 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

After unlocking the Violet Court domain, the character is led to the small island to find a hidden chest. To make the chest appear, the player needs to destroy all the vases on the island. Then, defeat the boss Nobushi Kikoubam guarding the beach to get the premium chest.

Arsenal in Tatarasuna

Picture 13 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma

There is a locked chest in the Arsenal in Tatarasuna. The player needs to find three keys to open the Arsenal portal and get the treasure chest. Here are the three positions of the three keys:

  1. Inside the Electro shield under the broken building northeast of Tatarasuna.
  2. The player travels north, to the teleport reference point southeast of Tatarasuna, and glides down. Then you will see a normal chest on the broken wooden bridge.
  3. In the chest usually placed on the rooftop of the ruined house near the Mikage furnace.

After finding all the keys, the player can open the Arsenal gate in Tatarasuna. Remember to summon Electrogranum and create a shield to protect the character from the electric environment.

Location of hidden treasure chest in Inazuma

Inazuma has many secret caves, islands, and alleys that players may not have discovered yet. So, in addition to the treasures in the above locations, Inazuma also has other secret chests. Here are 5 places to place secret treasure chests in Inazuma that gamers can ignore.

On the small island west of Inazuma City

Picture 14 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma The first hidden treasure in Inazuma lies under the sand

The first secret chest is on the small island west of Inazuma City. From Inazuma City, look to the west and you'll see a small island with no teleportation reference points.

To reach this small island, the player needs to surf to the island from the high cliff in Inazuma city. But Exquisite chests will not appear on the ground and need to be dug in the location in this image.

Southeast of the island of Tatarasuna

Picture 15 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma The second hidden treasure in Inazuma City is an ordinary treasure

There is another hidden chest in the Southeast of Tatarasuna Island. The player travels south of the Kujou Encampment to begin the Tatara Tales World Quest.

During this mission, everyone will unlock the Kamuijima cannon to shoot and break the barrier around Mikage Furnace. Then the chest will be revealed after the stone is broken. It is east of the teleport point on the south side of this island.

On the secret island of Fort Mumei

Picture 16 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma The Secret Island southeast of Mumei Fortress has a luxurious chest

One of the secret chest locations that many players have yet to find is the small island southeast of Fort Mumei.

Everyone needs to collect 4 Lost Texts lost on Yashiori Island to open the Luxurious chest. To collect the Lost Texts, the player must solve puzzles or eliminate enemies around locations. Then use the Waverider to go to the secret island and unlock the Luxurious chest in Inazuma.

In the secret cave on Watatsumi Island

Picture 17 of Genshin Impact: How to Collect Treasures in Enkanomiya, Tsurumi and Inazuma Players need to break the outer rock to get the treasure in the secret cave on Watatasumi island

The Secret Cave on Watatasumi Island is one of the top five secret chest locations in Inazuma. There is a teleportation waypoint near the hidden cave to get there quickly. The player needs to complete the Heart of Watatsumi quest to remove the barrier covering the entrance of the cave first.

From the waypoint, head a little north and slide down, there are two bushes at the mouth of the cave. Enter the hidden cave and find a hidden corner, then break the rock to get the Precious chest.

Mount Kanna on Tsurumi Đảo Island

Gamers can find a Thunderbird statue on Mount Kanna on Tsurumi Island. Use the special widget Pinion on it to show glowing symbols on the cliffs.

Then, swipe to tap these light-up icons. The player needs to glide and climb the mountain walls to reach the icons correctly, then tap them. After activating all the correct symbols, a Precious chest will appear.

Everyone should open all these chests in Inazuma to collect as many lightning seals as possible. This will upgrade the Sacred Sakura Tree. Refer to the Guide to Collecting Lightning Seals to receive a bonus of the magical Sakura tree that will help you quickly complete the quest. If the player reaches level 50 on this tree, the player will receive a new decorative Sakura item in Serenitea Pot 2.3.

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