Instructions to receive The Burning Leo package in Free Fire

Free Fire releases new events and skins very often to keep the game fresh. One of the ways for players to get legendary costumes, unique and eye-catching weapon skins and items in Free Fire is the Faded Wheel. This is a lucky spin in Luck Royale. It has a new legendary pack of Grand Prize every 20 days or so.

The Faded Wheel is a special spin in Free Fire's Luck Royale. It's usually only available for 7 days with player-specific Grand Prizes. A new Free Fire Faded Wheel has just launched, giving players the Groza Golden Roar skin and The Burning Leo pack. In this article, learn how to claim these prizes before the event ends.

Picture 1 of Instructions to receive The Burning Leo package in Free Fire Groza Golden Roar brings beautiful weapon skins

Free Fire's New Faded Wheel

Event period: January 11 to January 17

The new Faded Wheel in Free Fire features 2 Grand Prizes, including the Groza Golden Roar skin and The Burning Leo pack. Players need to use Diamonds to spin in the Faded Wheel. There are a total of 10 prize items in this Faded Wheel. Before spinning, gamers can remove the 2 most unwanted prizes to increase their chances of receiving favorite items.

A list of Free Fire's latest Faded Wheel bonus items, including:

  1. Skin Groza Golden Roar
  2. The Burning Leo
  3. Royale Weapon Voucher
  4. Skin parachute Ebi parachute skin
  5. Blood Coffin Item Box
  6. Priestess's Fox Surfboard
  7. Lioness Lava Shirt
  8. Lioness Lava Pants

Picture 2 of Instructions to receive The Burning Leo package in Free Fire New Faded Wheel in Free Fire with Grand Prize of Groza Golden Roar . skin

The items the player has received from the Faded Wheel will be removed from the pool so it is guaranteed that the player will receive all the prizes after 8 spins. Spin costs will increase with each spin, starting at 9 Diamonds. The number of Diamonds needed for the spins are 9, 19, 39, 69.9, 149, 199 and 499 respectively.

Golden Roar Groza's weapon skin is a nice one but certainly not one of the best Groza skins in Free Fire. It gives weapons too much range bonus while Groza already has really good range. However, a small damage bonus will increase the damage of the weapon.

About the Faded Wheel in Free Fire

Faded Wheel, Diamond Royale in Free Fire are all part of Luck Royale system. This is where Garena introduces their latest packages and skins after a certain period of time. Approximately every 20 days, Luck Royale will reset with new great prizes and unique items for players.

Free Fire gamers can spin Diamond Royale with diamonds. 60 Diamonds is equivalent to one spin, but if 600 diamonds are spent, the player can spin 11 times. People can also use Diamond Royale Voucher to spin Diamond Royale for free.

For each spin without the Grand Prize, the luck stat will increase by 1 and the next spin will be more likely to get a valuable reward.

As for the Faded Wheel, the player can get all the rewards after 8 spins. The number of Diamonds needed for the spins are 9, 19, 39, 69.99, 149, 199 and 499 respectively.

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