Important survival tips players need to know

Propnight is a survival horror game that combines all the classic features of PropHunt with action mechanics like Dead by Daylight.

The unusual blend of Propnight gameplay offers its own set of challenges, forcing players to disguise themselves to evade killers and escape their clutches.

Survival in these genre games is never easy, so please refer to and apply these important tips for players of the survival role in Propnight.

Tips for playing the survival role in Propnight

Jump to increase speed

Speed ​​is an important key to escape the killer's pursuit, especially when the character is in the tunnel. The jumping action not only increases speed, but with the double jump it also increases height. Larger props also have high bouncing physics, for example jumping on a car tire will significantly improve speed and altitude.

Picture 1 of Propnight: Important survival tips players need to know Disguised as a wheel helps players move faster and bounce higher

This tactic also works well for switching between survivors and props while making a run. Props are objects the player can choose to disguise and hide from the killer.

Use shift to get past the killer like a survivor, and when your stamina runs out, find a bouncing prop to swap. For indoor maps, jump over obstacles like benches or even stair railings to move out of sight of the killer.

Choose props as small as possible

People disguised with small items make it harder for the killer to find. Unlike Garry's Mod PropHunt, in Propnight, the character needs to move while repairing five Propmachines to open the exit door.

Smaller props can move through maps much more easily, out of sight of the killer. They are also easy to miss on smaller props and mistake for an actual can of food.

Stun the killer with prop

Picture 2 of Propnight: Important survival tips players need to know If you are a prop, when bouncing on top of the killer's head, you can make them stunned

Propnight puts players ahead of other survival games, by allowing them to actually fight off killers. When disguised as a prop, if bouncing on top of a killer's head, it will momentarily stun them, obscure vision, and immobilize them. So everyone will have more time to run away. However, this move can be difficult to land and is usually best done with a large prop.

Don't hide around Propmachine

Many players often disguise themselves as one of the many props scattered around the Propmachine in need of repair, but that's not a sensible strategy. When a quick skill test fails on a Propmachine, the machine lights up and the killer can see the map.

Picture 3 of Propnight: Important survival tips players need to know Disguised as props around the Propmachine will be easier to spot by the killer

If the killers go in that direction, the area around the Propmachine is likely to be the first place they'll check. Even when the character is out of range that can wield a dagger, slayers like Banshee can launch an AOE attack that deals damage and reveals a survivor's location.

Close the door on the killer

Picture 4 of Propnight: Important survival tips players need to know Closing the door hard in the face of a killer will stun them and immobilize them in place for a few seconds

Another tool in the arsenal against killers is slamming doors and other movable obstacles. Most buildings on any map will have doors or barriers that are used to stop the killer.

This forces the killer to either hit the obstacle twice to break it or find a new way to bypass it altogether. If the timing is perfect, the player can stun, obscuring the killer's vision.

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