Roles and abilities of all characters in Propnight

However, what makes this game different is that the survivalist characters can transform into props (props, items) to hide from the pursuing killer. The mechanics are similar to PropHunt, a game mode from Garry's Mod. They also have distinct abilities for survival in the game.

Besides, each killer character will also possess different abilities that players of this role need to know to take advantage of it in catching survivors.

In this article, let's find out the abilities of all the characters with 2 roles as survivor and killer in Propnight.

Abilities of the characters in Propnight

  1. Propnight . Survivor Characters
    1. Chris
    2. Isaac
    3. Mabel
    4. Kate
    5. Taiga
  2. Murderers in Propnight
    1. Akasha
    2. Banshee
    3. Granny
    4. Igor
    5. Imposter

Propnight . Survivor Characters

In Propnight, there are 5 survivors with different roles and special abilities: Chris, Isaac, Mabel, Kate and Taiga. These characters can be outfitted by clicking the main menu and choosing Customization.


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Chris' special ability is energy drink, it allows him to run faster and increase stamina for 9 seconds. This skill is removed after 1 use.


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Isaac's special ability is the camera. He can use the camera to take pictures of the killer, temporarily stunning them for 4 seconds and giving them time to flee. This skill is removed after 1 use.


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Mabel's special ability is a book that allows her to become invisible for 5 seconds. This skill is removed after 1 use.


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Kate is one of two healers on the team, with a skill set she can use to heal party members up to 10 HP (out of a character's 100 HP), up to 6 times use.


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Taiga is another healing character, with a set of skills she can use to heal any party member up to 10 times. However, it only heals 6 HP at a time.

Murderers in Propnight

In Propnight, there are all 5 killers: Akasha, Banshee, Granny, Igor and Imposter.


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Akasha is a nasty old man with a grin that is too big and full of monstrosities. His special abilities include Blade Dance, Blood Eye and Shadow, specifically as follows:

  1. Blade Dance - A damaging forward lunge.
  2. Blood Eye - Creates a blood eye in the air to track survivors.
  3. Shadow - Creates a form of shadow that allows them to move faster but not attack.


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Terrifying nun style Banshee has a scream as terrible as her bite. Many players think that this is the scariest character in Propnight with the appearance of Valak in the horror movie The Conjuring 2. The skills of this character include:

  1. Curse - Cursing one of the Propmachines makes it harder for survivors to repair.
  2. Flight - Allows Banshee to fly in any direction.
  3. Scream - When Banshee screams, deals damage to survivors in a radius around her.


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An old woman who seems slow but capable of surviving easily. Her figure is extremely scary with claws and dark eye circles like an abyss. Granny's special abilities include Astral, Mine and Throw, specifically how they work as follows:

  1. Astral - Turns Granny invisible and increases her speed for a short time.
  2. Mine - Set up a ghost knife that will scatter when a survivor approaches.
  3. Throw - Throws a knife to damage survivors from a good distance.


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Igor is a pink Easter bunny with a saw in his hand. Its special abilities include Chainsaw Terror, Charge, and Soda Bomb.

  1. Chainsaw Terror - Silences the noise of chainsaws, allowing Igor to become invisible.
  2. Charge - A simple quick rush forward with the chainsaw on the machine.
  3. Soda Bomb - Throw a soda can and it will explode right after.


Picture 10 of Roles and abilities of all characters in Propnight

This scary face full of teeth has the ability to disguise itself as a survivor. Imposter's special abilities include Overcharge, Spy, and Prop.

  1. Overcharge - Overcharge all unrepaired Propmachines and increase Imposter's movement speed for each repaired.
  2. Prop - Turns into a prop (utility, object) like the survivors.
  3. Spy - Change the appearance of the Imposter to one of the survivors.

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