TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas

It's been 17 years since GTA San Andreas was the top game in 2014. While the game is still very appealing to many loyal fans, its graphics are very dated by today's standards. To solve this problem, people can use graphics mods to improve the look of the game. Here are the 10 best GTA San Andreas graphics mods on PC.

TOP graphics mod for GTA San Andreas

  1. HD Weapon
  2. Insanity Vegetation
  3. Memory Update for San Andreas
  4. Cloud Skybox for GTA San Andreas
  5. Original Vehicles HQ Retextured
  6. GTA 5 Texture for San Andreas
  7. V Graphics
  8. Magic Ultra Graphics
  9. Ultimate Graphics Mod
  10. 90 AVP Reborn 2.0
  11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition
  12. SRt3 Mipmap
  13. BSOR: American Dream
  14. CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

HD Weapon

Picture 1 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas HD Weapon makes weapons in GTA San Andreas more beautiful

Weapons are the most used in San Andreas, from fighting gangs to robbing banks. However, they are also one of the bad looking parts of this game. The HD Weapon mod improves on this and makes the arsenal look better than ever.

This mod includes brand new models for all weapons in the game, giving the gang gunfights a strong impression. NPCs can also be improved thanks to these updates.

Insanity Vegetation

One of the common objects of GTA San Andreas is vegetation. However, Rockstar certainly spent more time taking care of buildings, vehicles and character models than nature and trees. The Insanity Vegetation mod will improve the look and feel of all the plants in the game significantly.

Memory Update for San Andreas

Picture 2 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas Memory Update for San Andreas is one of the very useful mods

GTA San Andreas is an old game, designed with old graphics, so a lot of settings in the game are not optimized. Memory update for San Andreas allows the game to use more memory and can increase visibility.

While this may sound trivial, the shortened distance actually improves the look of the game. More objects are loaded and the player can see further than usual. Cars and pedestrians no longer appear in front of our eyes.

Cloud Skybox for GTA San Andreas

Skybox is another aspect of the game that people always see but San Andreas skybox is too simple by 2004 standards. The lack of clouds makes the game look very unrealistic and sometimes makes screenshots picture is not good.

The Cloud Skybox mod replaces the cloudless sky with some pretty realistic clouds. This looks great from any angle, especially when the player is on a plane.

Original Vehicles HQ Retextured

Picture 3 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas Vehicles in GTA San Andreas become more beautiful than ever thanks to this mod

Vehicles are the most important part of GTA game and changing is the priority of GTA San Andreas mod. While there are many revisions to add new vehicles, nothing beats improving on the original vehicle. Most GTA SA fans prefer the original rig.

The Original Vehicle HQ Retextured mod improves the textures of all vehicles in San Andreas, from cars to boats and planes.

GTA 5 Texture for San Andreas

The GTA5 Textures for San Andreas mod has a new idea of ​​bringing the San Andreas version of GTA 5 back to GTA SA. It gives a better textured base for the roads to San Andreas, and certain buildings.

V Graphics

Picture 4 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas Mod V Graphics brings GTA 5 graphics to GTA San Andreas

Another mod that aims to bring GTA 5's graphics to GTA SA. V Graphics is one of the most complex graphical overhauls ever released for the game, introducing a ton of visual improvements, from item textures to character models,.

The problem with this mod is probably the person's PC specs. If using a weak computer, installing this mod is not a good idea.

Magic Ultra Graphics

Picture 5 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas Magic Ultra Graphics "overhaul" a lot of things and provide realistic details for the game

Magic Ultra Graphics improves on all visual elements, even adding better lighting and reflections, along with a completely new look and feel similar to GTA 5 for GTA San Andreas.

Ultimate Graphics Mod

Ultimate Graphics Mod is a complete 'overhaul' pack for GTA San Andreas. It has some impressive visual changes, from character models to high quality textures for vehicles and a more realistic skybox.

The strength of Ultimate Graphics Mod is the anti-aliasing option that permanently removes terrible jagged lines, showing the staleness of the graphics from the game.

90 AVP Reborn 2.0

Picture 6 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas 90 AVP Reborn 2.0 upgrades the image of the cars significantly

90 Atmosphere Vehicles Pack Reborn 2.0 is a vehicle model mod that replaces a small number of car models with beautifully detailed versions, preserving the essence of San Andreas, while enhancing visual fidelity. . They are built to resemble real life versions of the cars.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition

GTA SA Definitive Edition is a mod created from many smaller mods. It fixes things with old PCs and introduces various major improvements to modern systems. From different graphics settings, anti-aliasing options to 60fps support, GTA SA Definitive Edition has everything a player needs.

Moreover, it also fixes bugs in the game, developers or crashes on Windows 10, adds support for widescreen, gamepads, adds some elements directly from the mobile and PS2 versions of the game. This is probably the best high graphics mod for GTA San Andreas ever made.

SRt3 Mipmap

SRt3 Mipmap is a complete surface texture overhaul for San Andreas, changing out the outdated low-res places. Everything from the line texture to the store logo has been refreshed and looks sharper. Players should combine this mod with other graphics mods for the best experience.

BSOR: American Dream

Picture 7 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas The trees and bushes become realistic and alive thanks to the BSOR: American Dream mod

The trees, grass, and foliage in the game are often overlooked or given little attention during mid-game overhauls. With Behind Space Of Realities: American Dream, however, these details have received an upgrade, greatly enhancing the amount of vegetation seen in the game and truly building a breathtaking graphical experience. overall. This mod includes over 40 types of trees and shrubs throughout Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

Picture 8 of TOP 10 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas CJ character will get comprehensive visual enhancement when using CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

A graphics mod would be incomplete without any upgrade for an important character of the game. CJ is upgraded to the 21st century with the Carl Johnson Remastered mod that shows every aspect of the CJ character model completely refined, upgraded and improved. As an added bonus, this mod also upgrades CJ's textures and boots.

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