TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft maps are custom generated worlds saved in the game. The possibilities are endless with the only limit being each player's own imagination. Minecraft maps can be anything from a challenging puzzle map that tests a gamer's problem-solving abilities, to a great role-playing adventure that takes the character into an epic story. .

In this article, let's explore the top 4 most recommended maps in Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2021.

Minecraft in One Block

This is a challenging map where the player will start in an empty world with only a single block. From there, everyone will have to take everything they need and fight the Ender Dragon. Every time you break a block under your feet, another block will appear. Many things can appear including different blocks, minerals, chests, animals or monsters.

Picture 1 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition One Block map is a great challenge for any Minecraft player

For each certain number of broken blocks, the gamer moves on to the next stage. There are 10 stages in total: Forest, Cave, Snowfall, Desert, Jungle, Ocean, Hell, Mansion, Stronghold and Mixture. The type of block that spawns will depend on what stage the player is in, for example, if it's in the jungle, people are more likely to get grass, wood, or clay.

At the beginning of the mixed phase, the Nether portal to The End will appear. Players will need to have Ender's eye to turn it on and enter the End.

Jurassic Craft World

This map allows players to explore the Jurassic World in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It's an incredibly large and detailed map, including a visitor center, a large hotel, 18 different types of dinosaurs and much more.

Picture 2 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition Jurassic Craft World is an extremely large map for players to explore

It's definitely worth playing if everyone is a fan of the Jurassic Park movies. The map has pretty much everything that's ever been featured in the movie, and exploring all of it can take hours. Throughout the park, gamers will find many fenced areas to separate the dinosaurs from each other.

New Skyblock

Picture 3 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition New Skyblock is one of the simplest maps in Minecraft Pocket Edition

New Skyblock is an extremely challenging survival map where the goal is to survive as long as possible. The player begins in the underworld on an island in the sky, where no resources are available. The only things the player can access are items found in chests, any blocks on the island, and the surrounding area. Players need to think twice before using an item. This map is a good challenge for players who want to test their survival skills.

Super Mansion

Picture 4 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition Super Mansion is one of the best designed maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Super Mansion is a recreation of a modern home with many features using Redstone creations. The Super Mansion map is also a great alternative if you can't build your own secret base. The entrance to the house requires a secret code and several hidden storage rooms throughout the mansion. Overall, this building is a great base for downloading and having fun.

Minecraft: Alien Isolation

This map is perfect for lovers of the Alien series, but also for lovers of the adventure RPG genre. With this map, gamers will traverse large areas of an extremely unique map while trying to stay away from the aliens, which is a great add-on to this map.

Prison Escape

Picture 5 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This map is inspired by Adventure Map: Escapting the Prison. In this map, the player must try to break out of the prison, whether on his own or by getting acquainted with NPCs around the map.

This map is perfect for players who are passionate about things that make them think and need some guidance while playing Minecraft.

Legit Survival: Costal Village

In this map, players will appear with a lot of things around. Examples include a walled village, a full-power enchantment table, a tree farm, a traditional farm and more.

The purpose of this map is for players who want to play survival and gamers may not want to have to do all the work in the first place.

Sky Island Parkour

Picture 6 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This map is perfect for players who enjoy spending time practicing their parkour skills. There are many different Minecraft parkour maps included in it, giving everyone a lot of different opportunities to practice their climbing skills.

Players can also operate on this map in single player or multiplayer mode. Sky Island Parkour works on version 1.17 and up and is available on all devices with Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

CrewGames Beta

Picture 7 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition

CrewGames is a world consisting of at least 4 games. Games on the map include: block party, ice skating, running from TNT, parkour, and arena.

CrewGames Beta is perfect for players looking for a map with lots of games inside, a perfect way to never get bored.

The Lab: Chapter 2

The Lab: Chapter 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed adventure map - The Lab. This is a horror themed adventure map that has both single player and multiplayer modes. The map tells the story of a reporter sent to the laboratory to gather information about some mysterious events that happened on the premises of the laboratory.

Kevinland Returns: Return of the Kevin

This map has many features and is extremely fun to play with friends. Kevinland Returns: Return of the Kevin includes 6 game modes, 7 arenas, 8 different difficulty levels, 14 abilities and lots of upgrades. It includes a lot of PvE matches, with the goal of completing the campaign on the map as soon as possible.

IceCream Man Massacre

Picture 8 of TOP maps to play in Minecraft Pocket Edition

This map follows the story of the infamous IceCream man, a player kidnapper. The player's goal is to escape from the clutches of the IceCream man before he attacks and injures you. This game mode is inspired by an 80s video game called Puppet Combo. It includes a lot of flashing lights and heart-stopping jumpscare scenes, and therefore gamers need to play it with caution.

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