Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies

Rise of Kingdoms is the favorite strategy game on the phone. Players will proceed to build civilization on their own, invade enemy kingdoms, develop and expand territories to become the most powerful power.

Strategy games require players to brainstorm and think, so it can be difficult for some people to get started. Let's find out the most useful Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies to help your kingdom thrive.

Choose the most suitable country

The game focuses on kingdom building, so choosing the right country for each player's playstyle is the first step and plays an important role.


Rome is suitable for active gamers who prefer a focused attack style. The marching speed bonus helps players get to their target locations faster than other countries.


Picture 1 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies Germany is the right country choice for new players

Germany (Germany) also rewards active gamers, especially beginners. Thanks to the reward for action points, people can kill a lot of barbarians and level up their commanders faster than other countries.


Britain (UK) can be a good choice in an alliance with many troops due to the 20% bonus for the ability to permanently station allies. Unfortunately, the logging bonus is a bit low, as the player will eventually have a dedicated resource gathering commander.


Picture 2 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies

France (France) is a great choice for classy play. The increased troop health and 10% bonus healing speed allow for a more liberal approach to attack and combat in general.


Spain is a great place to farm resources due to its 10% loading bonus, but it offers very little benefit when it comes to combat. If you want to avoid fighting, Spain can still be a good choice.


Picture 3 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies

China (China) is also a leading country, focusing on the defense force of the military, as well as the faster rate of resource construction and production. China may be the best overall choice for active players.


Picture 4 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies

If you enjoy commanding huge armies, Japan is a great place to start. It has a 5% bonus on army training and 2% attack bonus, the only regret is that the 30% scouting speed bonus is somewhat useless.


Finally, it's Korea (Korea) with a slightly more optimal combination of 5% archer defense, 10% hospitalisation, and 2% research speed bonuses, but not beneficial to anyone. any particular playstyle. However, Korean architecture is considered to be the most beautiful compared to all the countries in the game.

Start your civilization

Gems, VIP and Daily Login

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the few games that allows purchasing VIP levels with in-game virtual currency called gems. Players earn these gems over time from specific quests, goals, and one-time rewards. Don't waste them on leveling up and other consumables, but invest them in VIP level.

Picture 5 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies Players should save money in the game to buy VIP because it brings many benefits

5-10 VIP levels will help spur much more substantial progress than any single unit regiment or individual building. The first thing players get daily, chests are for VIP only. Best of all, if you continue to log in every day, you will receive more and more free VIP coins over the next days. You can use these VIP coins to further increase your VIP level.

Accomplish missions and goals

When choosing their country, players will be able to progress quickly by completing daily quests and goals. These requirements are very well designed and follow the optimal path towards establishing a balanced and comprehensive city in terms of economy, resources, defense capabilities, military power.

Picture 6 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies Completing quests and objectives is required in Rise of Kingdoms

Each of these missions and goals offers rewards that will quickly accumulate within the first few hours. Gamers will find themselves enjoying a surplus of resources for a while. However, this benefit will not last forever, people will not enjoy the wealth, so make the best use of it.

Join the alliance

Picture 7 of Top Rise of Kingdoms tips and strategies Join an alliance to get support from other players

Alliances play an important role in Rise of Kingdoms. Among the many benefits, one that is important at the outset is the ability to help allies and receive help in return. Each member of the alliance will help everyone cut the time it takes to complete the upgrade to a minimum of 1 minute.

Players will also be able to contribute to and benefit from alliance trees, additional territories, and multiple gift chests. Of course, there are many alliances to choose from so try to find one that is active regularly and is willing to work together for a common goal.

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