TOP super cars in GTA 5 every gamer wants to own

These cars are very expensive that's why most people only have a few super cars.

The price of a car can go up to more than 1 million dollars and a typical theft will bring players hundreds of thousands of bonuses. Let's explore the list of the best cars in Grand Theft Auto 5, based on their performance, design and cost.

TOP best cars in GTA 5

Dewbauchee Vagner

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Dewbauchee Vagner is one of the fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto 5. Unless you don't like fast supercars, almost everyone wants to own this car. To buy this car, players need a certain amount of time and dedication. The Vagner retails for $1,535,000 and features an Aston Martin Valkyrie-inspired design.

Alternatively, instead of trying to save $1.5 million, the car can be purchased indirectly through microtransactions. Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto 5 does microtransactions correctly by not restricting the game but adding the option to increase the bankroll.

Vapid FMJ

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Although not the fastest car in the game, its price is extremely expensive. Buying Vapid FMJ will cost the player $1,750,000. Several vehicles such as the 2017 Ford GT and Aston Martin Vulcan can be the inspiration for the design of Vapid FMJ.

This car has a rear spoiler and a streamlined appearance, suitable for racing. Grand Theft Auto 5 contains one of the most extensive lineups of vehicles seen to date.

Grotti X80 Proto

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This prototype hypercar was fast enough that it wouldn't be street legal. Grand Theft Auto 5 breaks all the rules to give players an experience like no other. To own Grotti X80 Proto, gamers need to spend a huge amount of $ 2,700,000. However, for some players, this number makes perfect sense for this car.

The design of the Grotti X90 Proto can be inspired by the Ferrari F80 Concept and the Lamborghini Veneno. Its top speed is lower than other supercars, but some lavish players will use it as a show vehicle only.

Pegassi Zentorno

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This stunning supercar was introduced as part of the High Life Update. This update brought vehicles like the Dewbauchee Massacro, Enus Huntley S, Vapid Dominator and of course the Pegassi Zentorno. The Zentorno's headlights may be inspired by the Acura NSX.

Its sleek and attractive design makes gamers think of Lamborgini Veneno. This car has above-average handling and can put most other supercars in a race. The Zentorno is another high-powered Pegassi product found in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Progen Italy GTB Custom

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While previous Grand Theft Auto games only included a handful of supercars, Rockstar North has added a lot to their game. The number of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 is less than but not inferior to the number in the open world racing game Forza Horizon, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios.

Progen Itali GTB Custom, retailing for $495,000, was added as part of the Import/Export update. This update includes some supercars, sports cars and other vehicles. It looks like the design of the Itali GTB Custom was inspired by a few different McLarens.

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