TOP the most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE

But this won't be a problem anymore thanks to the following list of the easiest buildings to build in Minecraft PE. These buildings have a simple structure for gamers to create even on the small limit of mobile devices and do not require too many resources. Although these works are effortless to build, they are aesthetically pleasing and totally worth creating.

The most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE


Picture 1 of TOP the most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE Fountains are easy to build but still look eye-catching

This is one of the simplest structures a player can create in Minecraft PE as it doesn't require any special items or tools to build.

Although simple, the fountain will help elevate the entire look of the area in which it is built. Fountains can bring out the modern minimalist and aesthetic that every player wants to put in their base.

Bubble column water elevator

Picture 2 of TOP the most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE This elevator has a very interesting mechanism that is also easy to create in Minecraft PE

Although the name sounds complicated, making a bubble column water elevator is not too difficult. Gamers only need a block of magma and a block of soul sand in the Nether to build it.

Once these materials have been collected, the player only needs to get some water and some kelp to place this structure. While the soul sand blocks push them upward, the magma block will pull them down when needed.


Bridges are one of the easiest structures to build in Minecraft PE, and it's also very useful. The bridge functions to connect two areas together and it can also enhance the aesthetics of the site. People don't need to put in too much effort to make it.

Use wood, stone, iron and an elegant, beautiful walkway will be completed in no time. Minecraft players can also make a bridge deck using a good textured unlit campfire.

Starter House

Picture 3 of TOP the most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE Any player must build a house for himself

These houses are seen everywhere in Minecraft. People should not be dazzled by the great and distant architecture, but create a home from any existing block.

The form and design of each house is up to each player's taste, but it doesn't take much effort to build a house of modest size.


Picture 4 of TOP the most recommended constructions in Minecraft PE Building a farm will help gather food and resources

Farming is also an important aspect of the game as the player needs to earn as much food and build up resources as possible. Gamers can create many different types of farms, from manual to fully automatic.

Building a farm is not a difficult challenge. Use a hoe, some seeds and a piece of dirt to complete your own craft.

These structures are very simple, easy to build even on Minecraft Pocket Edition. Small mobile device screen is no longer a hindrance and everyone can create house, farm,. easily. While building fancy, intricate structures on the Pocket Edition is hard work, it can still be done if the player has the time and willingness to put in the effort.

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